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North Caldwell Spotlight Article.. R&N's roots

One of my earliest childhood memories is assisting my mom in the kitchen making a frittata, covered in olive oil while sautéing garlic and onions, staple ingredients in most of her cooking and mine! It amazes and delights me to watch my three young girls passionate themselves about this art form. Whether it’s Maya baking up a batch of black bean brownies, or Ruby on her stepstool wearing her Belle apron, dredging chicken or even Josie scooping out avocado for the guacamole, I’m entertained and inspired to see the interest at such a young age. It’s safe to say that creating delicious meals for loved ones is a generational passion and a form of art that relaxes and revitalizes the soul.

My passion in the kitchen turned into my career six years ago after spending my post-collegiate years working in the Heath Care sector for companies such as Ethicon Inc./ Johnson & Johnson. I graduated from Brown University with a degree in Psychology, played Division one Lacrosse and subsequently earned my MBA from Seton Hall University. I focused on medical device sales management and training for over a decade. Shortly after Craig and I married and were blessed with the arrival of our first daughter Maya, I made a significant transition in my professional career. I had the realization that what I was meant to do with my talents and passions were outside the corporate world and in actuality was meant to happen right here in my home, in my kitchen.

I have so much gratitude toward my husband Craig, who was born and raised in Colorado, as he fully supported me when I left my traditional career, enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and then launched CHRISSY DAVENPORT Revitalize & Nourish, LLC. Today I am able to work my schedule around the needs of our three beautiful, silly and energetic children, Maya (7), Ruby (4) and Josie (1 ½). Without the support from my family, friends and mentors this dream never have come to fruition.

In terms of my North Caldwell connection, it was about five years ago I was asked to write a monthly article and provide a recipe for the community at large and we are still at it! I provide the food and the props while Bud Endrees composes the elements, takes the photos and makes the food come to life! It’s a small piece of the business and the recipes I create and select completely exemplify my approach with my clients and my family. As a holistic nutrition coach, I work with my clients to help them understand lifestyle and dietary factors that are affecting their overall health. Ultimately, identifying areas that could be adjusted to foster a greater sense of wellbeing.

It’s so much fun to inspire young kids in the kitchen and teach them how to fuel their growing bodies! Equally rewarding has been my coaching sessions with college students guiding them through the challenges of campus life. Having worked long corporate hours myself, I can relate to and enjoy coaching my middle aged clients who struggle with time management and self-care. And finally, probably the most fulfilling piece is cooking with those who are eager to attain confidence in navigating the kitchen to meet the needs of their own families. Many of the recipes featured in this magazine are those that my clients have approved and recreated!

My criteria for the column eats? Clean, whole, nutrient rich, seasonal foods that are delicious and easy to create. When I’m not cooking, coaching or writing I may be running a workshop or “kitchen experience” in my home or at a corporate site – all upcoming events are posted on my social media sites and in the “Events” page at

If you were to ask what makes me unique, using the words of my clients, I’m relatable, realistic and passionate. My business is truly a manifestation of life. I deal with picky eaters myself, I have a busy schedule as class-parent, a bible study leader, yoga-devotee, someone who needs her sleep and loves a good party! And so my recommendations come from an honest, tried and true place. I encourage you to become invested in you own health because you deserve to be healthy and to feel alive and to make the most of that beautiful YOU!

If you have any questions or would like to talk about coaching, meal prepping or workshops you can reach me through my Facebook page, IG, or email me directly. It has been a pleasure being a part of this community!

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