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As a health coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I pride myself on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and get in touch with me today.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Jenny Daly

Thank you Chrissy Davenport Revitalize & Nourish! I didn’t even know how much I needed her until I found her. Chrissy’s style of personalized coaching is so different than anything I’ve ever experienced before. She took the time to get to know me and figure out what I needed and helped me make SUSTAINABLE changes. At every step I felt how much she cared about me and that’s why I have trusted her implicitly. It’s funny what happens when you follow good advice 😉 Feels good to reach my goal (35 lb. weight loss), and the best part is the beautiful friendship we have formed ♥️♥️♥️♥️ ps. let’s not forget that Scott has also indirectly benefited from this coaching, having lost almost 60 pounds!! He was supportive from the beginning and never complained as we made changes to our diet and routine. Thank you for rolling with everything 😘 I love you!!

Andrea Hecht

Chrissy Davenport you are a miracle worker; extremely knowledgeable, and unconditionally supportive. It's been 3 weeks since I had my initial consultation, and I feel 110% better!   No more back pain, stomach issues under control, I have a ton more energy, mo major headaches. Implementation has been a breeze due to your availability and guidance. I look forward to our continued relationship.

Johnathan Sym, Food Writer

You and your message should be heard by everybody.  You have a unique gift of cutting through the BS and making it relate to a wide audience in a sensible and integrative way.  Huge fan!

Gail B. - Heath Coaching

I have always had a problem with my weight. I was a typical Yo-Yo dieter. I have been going to Chrissy since May, and she has given me a plan that is sustainable. She is fantastic with her approach focusing on your needs and your lifestyle. I can't say enough good things about her help. Going to her is one of the best things I ever did for myself and my family. We are all healthier! She takes a holistic approach. It's not only about the food. It's about exercise, eating habits, sleep, relaxation, just to mention a few. Anyone going to her will be delighted with her upbeat personality and her approach to good health and wellbeing!

 Marissa Fishman - Meal Prep Sesh

I have worked with several holistic and medical doctors to try to heal my leaky gut.  I had a good knowledge of what supplements to take and what foods to avoid. I lacked, however, nutritious meal options that would work well for my stomach and would also be suitable for feeding my family.  I also had an intense fear of cooking chicken, a main Ingredient in many dishes that would work well for my diet. Working with Chrissy was the answer to problems. She helped me overcome my fear as she guided me through the process during hands on cooking demonstrations. Thanks to Chrissy, I’m now more confident in my cooking skills and have a variety of different meals that I can prepare. I couldn’t recommend a more knowledgeable, patient, and passionate person to guide you on your journey to well-balanced eating and health.

Carrie Bobroff / Family Coaching - Cooking

I can't say enough good things about Chrissy!  I was in such a rut with what to make for dinner each night. Chrissy helped me navigate in the kitchen and taught me fast, healthy, delicious recipes! I began to feel more confident and my family loved the new things I was making! Not only does she understand first hand the challenges in feeding families nutrient rich meals, but she's funny, smart, patient, kind and so knowledgeable!

Karen P.

One word immediately comes to mind when describing how Chrissy Davenport has helped me: transformative. Her rich knowledge of nutrition and compassion for my health journey has literally changed my life. She is passionate and nurturing and has helped me be more health conscious and look at food in an entirely new light.

Debbie S. / Health Coaching

From the moment I met Chrissy, I knew she would be the one to help me change my life.  Her amazing energy, wealth of knowledge and supportive disposition gave me the strength and courage to give up sugar and processed food in an effort to provide my family and me with a healthier and “cleaner” way of living.  I have been on too many diets to count; I have been to doctors and nutritionists and weight loss gurus and not one of them had the impact that Chrissy has had on me.  I was a total sugar addict and she gave me the right tools to kick the habit.  The result has been truly life altering. I have become the mom I want to be.  Chrissy has provided the guidance, support, warmth and kindness that I needed to make this change and I am forever grateful to her for helping me to make these positive changes.

Christopher Edmonds / Health Coaching

My life has changed in so many ways within just 4 weeks time.  I have lost weight, my energy levels are up and I no longer need my 3-4 cups of coffee a day, and my mood has elevated. I cannot explain how much this lifestyle change has helped me realize my goals.  I cannot thank you enough for the guidance, the tireless coaching, texts, & emails.  It’s great to have someone with your knowledge and dedication in my corner!

Chiara Chadu / Health Coaching / Cooking

Chrissy brings amazing energy, passion and flexibility when she works with you. I had specific goals and I found Chrissy took the time to understand them and also my specific circumstances to identify challenges and solutions. She is very hands-on, responsive, and truly focuses her attention on you as an individual versus an off the shelf, one size fits all approach. She worked with what I had whether it was certain dietary preferences, cooking utensils, and work schedule. She is extremely adaptable and I truly believe her focus is to enable her clients to attain their goals. I have interacted with nutritionists before and found her to be more insightful, up to date, and most importantly, able to empathize and understand the struggles of getting healthy and/or losing weight.

Dana Marcchione / Virtual Health Coaching

I wanted to make sure that I was the healthiest that I could be to start on this new journey of motherhood. We started analyzing what I was putting into my body and how it made me feel, we did food logs, I made a few changes and I immediately felt more energy and focus at work and even started craving foods that were better for me.  A few months after working with Chrissy I became pregnant; I believe it has a lot to do with changes in my diet, as I never felt healthier.  I am now 3 weeks away from my due date and I still meet with Chrissy on a monthly basis just to keep myself in check.  She has taught me a different way to look at how we nourish our bodies.  I've had other experiences with Nutritionists that were focused on the number on the scale, while I feel Chrissy was more focused on the nutritional and emotional piece of the puzzle and with time, weight naturally began to decrease. Chrissy's help is/was invaluable and I recommend her to anyone.

Jess D. / Health Coaching - Cooking

After our last session I looked back on where I was when we started this whole process and I can't believe all of the progress I have made. I seriously could not have done any of this without all of your help; you really made these changes fun and I have learned so much along the way. I feel and look my absolute best right now and I that is my motivation to keep this going. Choosing to implement all of the things I have learned with you has been a complete lifestyle change and I find myself preaching to all my friends about how worth it everything has been. Thank you so much for all of your help- you're great at what you do!

Yvonne Mojena, Care Point Health

When I first heard Chrissy give a workshop at our new mom's support group, I immediately noticed a passion for wellness and zest for life and I knew she would be a great fit for many of our programs.  Most notably is Chrissy’s energy and enthusiasm, which is infectious in a group. I personally have completed Chrissy’s one-on-one coaching program and believe that what she has taught me has been life changing.  I recommend anyone looking for a corporate wellness partner to reach out to Chrissy Davenport.

Annette Lupo, Director of The Early Learning Center

Chrissy Davenport delivered an amazing one-hour seminar to a packed audience filled with parents at the Early Learning Child Care Center. The ideas presented were practical and easy to apply at home.  Chrissy was well prepared, her enthusiasm engrossed us and the presentation allowed the seminar to fly by.

Heather Harris / Virtual Health Coaching

I reached out to Chrissy because I was feeling tired, bloated and generally down throughout the day. Chrissy was so receptive to my concerns and I feel so much better only 6 weeks later! My son and I have been taking Juice Plus and have enhanced our diets significantly. I feel more energized and have decreased my digestive issues.  She has taught me how to plan, shop and prep my meals which has made my hectic life feel much more organized. My sugar cravings have decreased, my mood and energy feels much more "even" throughout the day. I feel empowered and much more in control of my health thanks to Chrissy.

Jenny M. / Virtual Health Coaching

I recently finished a 6-week program with the amazing, Chrissy Davenport.  I couldn’t have been happier with the entire process.  I began the journey – and I use the term journey, because that is exactly what this process is – feeling somewhat confident in my knowledge of health and wellness.  But, right from the start I realized how much I had to learn and how much Chrissy was going to teach me.  She held my hand through the entire process.  Anytime I had a question I could text or email her and she got back to me immediately.  As the weeks continued on, questions about my family’s health popped up and were addressed in a thoughtful manner.  She introduced me to others in the wellness community who were able to support my journey as well.  At the end of our 6 weeks I felt strong, knowledgeable and confident to continue on my own.  And, although I miss our weekly sessions I still receive emails from Chrissy with amazing recipes and information that will keep me on this healthy path.   At the end of the day, once you work with Chrissy you are lifelong partners.  It was an amazing and rewarding experience and I encourage anyone seeking answers on their own personal health and wellness to reach out immediately.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Joanne L. / Health Coaching

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and motivation!  I began this journey feeling as though I would never feel the way I did ten years ago.  You taught me how to eat whole foods that would nourish my body and cells, not just fill me.  Not only have I learned to read labels and eat whole foods but my children’s diets have improved dramatically and I feel so good knowing that I’m giving them the gift of health.  You are an inspiration, a fine person, and now a treasured friend

Alexa B. / Health Coaching

Chrissy Davenport is life changing. I began going to her because I was beyond frustrated with my life and my poor eating habits.  I believed that Chrissy had something in her program that was different then all the programs I have seen and tried. Chrissy would stay in constant contact with me; she was my biggest fan and support system and she cares sincerely.  She did not only teach me about food and how to loose weight, she helped me emotionally.  She gave me knowledge, which is powerful.  There is NO program out there like this. She is still my biggest support system and life long friend.

Amy Lynn / Health Coachng - Cooking

Chrissy has played a huge part in my recovery from an unhealthy relationship with food. She has provided me with knowledge and guidance, which has brought me to a freedom that I never thought was possible. She has brought me to a place of victory over unhealthy mindsets and unhealthy eating habits.  Her place in my life is invaluable.

Phil S. / Health Coaching

I decided to seek guidance from Chrissy because I wanted to be healthy and to be good example for my son. It was not long before I figured out that Chrissy's help was more about how I viewed food in my life and not about a strict "diet.”  I am thankful to say that Chrissy made a real difference in my life and I can call her a friend.

Jessica Crystal / Health Coaching

I was stressed and run down and just not feeling my best.  I started seeing results immediately after working with Chrissy because she helped me to establish both long-term and short-term goals. Each week we would set a goal for the following session, and while they would seem like small changes they gave me huge results. I really began to learn which foods were right for my body and that what I ate affected how I felt. She built up my confidence in the kitchen. She armed me with all the knowledge and tools I need to lead a healthy lifestyle. With her coaching and encouragement, I have more energy, I am eating healthy and delicious foods, I have more confidence and I just feel so much healthier. The best part is that Chrissy makes you feel like you are working with a friend. I would recommend working with Chrissy to anyone looking to improve her or his health and wellness through good nutrition!

Jessica Kelly / Health Coaching

Chrissy's holistic approach enabled me to incorporate small changes into my daily routine that have resulted in a happier and healthier me.  She has the scientific knowledge to explain her recommendations, sends simple (very important with a busy schedule!) and nutritious meal options and recipes for inspiration, and checks in to follow up on the specific goals we set each week.  Above all, she is a kind, caring and amazing woman who took a personal interest in helping me obtain my objectives.  I can't thank her enough and would highly recommend Chrissy to anyone.

Kristin C., Workshop /kitchen Experience

Absolutely loved Chrissy's class! She was warm and informative and made the information so hands on and approachable! My 5 month old attended and couldn't get enough of the fabulous purée blends which I will be replicating at home for sure!

Ann Kovacs, Meal Prep Sesh

Chrissy helped me make the kitchen a much more comfortable place for me! My time with her was fun, eye opening and so worthwhile. She is incredibly knowledgable, patient, and supportive. She was a huge help in determining what my goals were in the kitchen and then helping me reach those goals. She is completely adaptable to what your needs are and supports you every step of the way. She is an inspiration all around and i am happy to have gained a good friend through this process.

Alexis Shaw, Health Coaching

Chrissy is patient, kind, knowledgeable and SO MUCH FUN! She worked with my 16 year old daughter on nutrition, weight-loss & mental health- it has made a WORLD of difference for her in all 3 areas.

Lauren Krinsky

The best way to describe Chrissy is “amazing.” She has changed my life and the way I feel!! I am eternally grateful.

Niki Robins, Meal Prep Sesh

Wow! That was productive and so fun. It is absolutely what I have needed. Cooking demonstrations, techniques and healthy ideas to work more variety in for all of us. The use of the grill alone was worth the visit! Life changer! I’m such a visual learner and this was incredibly helpful. Cleanup didn’t take long at all and was so much easier knowing prep is done for many days.

Kristen Kuiken

Today I felt like we took all the ideas, questions and theories that I had about food, put them in a blender (you) had had them turn out as muffins! Very helpful session!  Definitely feeling hopeful about getting slowly unstuck from my "food paralysis."

Patty P

This is your Testimonial quote. It’s a great place to share reviews about you, your personal qualities and your services. Add client details for extra credibility and get your site visitors excited from day one!

Marialana Juliano

We started our 3-month coaching journey just one month ago. I feel like a new person Chrissy!! My results? 17 lbs. down, no longer hungry between meals, never have I been so mindful or aware of my body’s signals, my skin is glowing, I’ve never had more energy and I have yet to have a debilitating migraine (I averaged 3-4 per month before you!) and I’ve just begun this new journey! A lot more to go, but I’m motivated to keep this up and this way of life is sustainable!
You’ve made it very manageable for me mapping out the planning and prepping of meals, I look forward to my weekly meal guides! Knowing I can contact and text you at any time, your check ins and this support network have helped beyond. You have taught me HOW to eat. I’ve learned so much through this process and I keep learning more! This hasn’t been a “here, try this diet!” rather, new education and info each week. See you on our next zoom!

Lela Miloseska

I met Chrissy one year ago in a desperate search for a healthier lifestyle. At that time, I was so fatigued and tired that I can barely survive my shifts at work and felt I was running on fumes most of the time. I was living on several cups of coffee, was using sugar for a quick pick me up throughout the day and somehow felt too tired to exercise. I continued to gain weight, my mind was cloudy and generally I did not feel well. I felt stuck in this viscous cycle. When I met Chrissy my life changed for the better. She took the time and listened to my story. Very quickly she identified few unhealthy habits and helped me replace them with new healthy ones. Her nutritional and health knowledge , passion for helping and effective recommendations really helped me turn my life around. With the lifestyle changes not only was I empowered with knowledge but Chrissy gave me the tools I needed to maintain a healthier lifestyle..i was eating a healthier diet, my energy level significantly improved, I had the energy to exercise and I’ve been able to lose weight in the process. But best of all, my daughters, who also met Chrissy, started to be more aware about the importance of nutrition and are now making healthier food choices..

Over the summer , I hit a small bump on the road and was diagnosed with breast Cancer. Knowing the importance nutrition plays on health, I quickly turned to Chrissy again for guidance. Her guidance has been crucial in my healing process. With her recommendations and along with treatment, my tumors are shrinking and my blood work and immune system are staying strong and able to withstand chemotherapy .... Thank you for playing such a big part of my health and healing. I greatly appreciate it.

Ps. Did I mention, as a secondary benefit...Chrissy is such a positive beam of light that instantly powers one’s soul. You will feel this as soon as you meet her.

Donna D'Onofrio

I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your guidance on my new food plan!
Since embarking on this little journey called menopause, I have experienced many different health issues. I have tried many different meal plans. I have adjusted, taken out and added all different food sources thinking I was doing the right thing and eating healthy. Most of all the physical challenges that I endured during this time was not fun. Then I reached out to you Chrissy and with your guidance its all changing! NO MORE ACHES AND PAINS, NO MORE RASH, WEIGHT LOSS and the best part of all, the inflammation is going down. I guess you really are what you eat!
Thank you for my new life, and thank you for your wonderful friendship!

The Eskow Family

This “thank you” is long overdue. First, you managed to change my husbands life by helping him realize what foods he can eat without making his stomach hurt. Second, you provided us with a new meals that Scott and I AND the kids love so we only have to make one meal for all of us. Lastly, in the middle of a pandemic, you help us change our kids food habits and show us how to turn them into healthy food choices. You’ve spent hours, listening, planning, and then executing a plan for us. You continuously are there to help us be (and stay) healthy! We loved buying all the ingredients, and cooking with our kids. Also, being home all day, has allowed us to see what goes into our bodies. So THANK YOU! I can see the passion you feel for making these healthy food choices. You’re really amazing and should be told. It makes us want to be better too! 

Thank you from the bottom of our stomachs, 

Michele, Scott, Alexis, Jaxson, and Skylar

Monica E

"Thank you for everything you have done for me!! You have helped me heal, have helped me gain and understanding of what my body needs in order to function and how everything is connected.  I have lost a total of 12 lbs. since starting my journey with you and will continue to lose more.  You are not only a coach, but a sister in Christ who has helped me through some dark days.  Thank you for the constant support, motivation, educations, recipes and love!! I am so thanks fun that the Lord connected us, you are the best!"

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