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my journey home

One of my earliest childhood memories is assisting my mom in the kitchen making a frittata, undoubtedly covered in olive oil while sautéing garlic and onions, staple ingredients in most of her cooking and mine!  It amazes and delights me to watch my own little girls tearing it up, all three to four feet of them, in our own kitchen, proudly standing on their foot stools, donned in their “Belle” aprons, dredging chicken or spiralizing zoodles.  I guess it is safe to say that creating delicious meals for loved ones is a generational passion and a form of art that relaxes and revitalizes the soul. 

My passion in the kitchen turned into my career six years ago after spending my post-collegiate years working in the Heath Care sector for companies like Eli Lily and Johnson & Johnson.   I graduated from Brown University with a degree in Psychology, played D1 Lacrosse and subsequently earned my MBA from Seton Hall University.  I focused on medical device sales management and leadership for over a decade.  Shortly after having my first daughter, Maya, I had a very stark realization.  What I was meant to do with my talents and passions was outside the corporate world and was meant to happen right here in my home, in my kitchen.

I left my traditional career in 2013 and launched CHRISSY DAVENPORT Revitalize & Nourish, after receiving my degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Combining my education with my inherent nature of coaching and my appreciation for all things holistic, I found my new career and it really has been an amazing journey.  There is no doubt this is where I was meant to be.

My business is truly a manifestation of my own life! I deal with picky eaters, I have firsthand experience with anxiety, body issues, food-relationship challenges and time management.  I am not afraid to share my story as it opens up doors for others to heal.  I’m transparent about how holistic living, a clean diet and a mindful approach to all we do (food and relationships) have dramatically impacted my own life and wellbeing.  And so my recommendations come from an honest, tried and true and scientifically backed place. 

I live at home in North Jersey with my amazing husband, Craig and three beautiful daughters, Maya, Ruby and Josie.  When I’m not coaching, running workshops, or creating meals for clients, my local family or the North Caldwell Magazine (a local monthly publication), my life is enslaved by carpools, dishes, homework, baths and laundry! And in the occasional down time, my luck brings me to my sunroom couch, a yoga class, or with my community at Emergence (our church.) Thank you God for these amazing little blessings!

I do hope you take the time for some self-care and reach out for a consultation!  All the best to all of you!

Love & light,


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