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Antepasto ... No Better Time

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I decided to make this recipe one that might reach the attention of most readers instead of those who are particularly health conscientious. You’re welcome for that (smile…nod). The reality is, life should be about balance. Food should be about balance. Exercise should be about balance. Time in front of the tube and social media should be about balance! So much easier said then done, but this truth is worth all the effort, energy and time we put into making these “shoulds” our reality.

Lastly, we should all try to nourish our bodies, a good majority of the time, with food that comes straight from the earth, unprocessed and untouched. Why? This is the food that gives us life, vitality, immunity, energy, and clarity (to name a few.)

Most of us can all handle incorporating foods that are among our list of favorites because the body is resilient. It acts like a thermostat that will bounce back to where we need it to be even if we’re not perfect 100 percent of the time. How cool is that truth?! Our bodies know which minerals and vitamins to pull from stored cells when we’re not depositing as many as we should be on any given day. The body is a smart machine that rarely makes mistakes. Whether our “cheat” be crispy fries, gooey pizza, hearty meatloaf or a pint of ice cream, a big part of “healthy eating” is developing a relationship that allows for these cheats from time to time while consuming most of our calories from real food. And that’s what I teach my kids. To enjoy the foods they love while ensuring they’re giving their body the fuel it needs every day to thrive.

And so because Thanksgiving and many other cultural / religious traditions are right around the corner, we can expect to enjoy these delicious foods that are not just tasty, but for me are little reminders of my childhood. Coming from an Italian family (100%!) it’s no wonder I crave anything resembling antipasto!

So try this little appetizer on for size at your next gathering. It’s EASY. It’s DELICIOUS. It’s BEAUTIFUL. And it’s BALANCED. And for me, one bite brings me back to memories of laughing with my three sisters around my parent’s kitchen island. I’m not sure which I prefer, the warm mozzarella blended with a sweet tomato or the memory from way back when. Please share with me what this skewer of deliciousness does for you!


In order of skewer placement

📷 1 package of small mozzarella balls

📷 1 package of fresh basil (use leaves only)

📷 1 package / pint of grape tomatoes

📷 1 lb. Genoa salami, thinly sliced

📷 1 package of cheese tortellini (found in refrigerated section of your food store)

📷 About 20-30 long tooth picks

📷 Balsamic glaze


1. Cook your tortellini according to package instructions (usually you’ll have to cook for 3 minutes), strain and rinse in cool water.

2. Begin by skewering each toothpick with items listed above in the order I recommend.

3. I like to fold larger basil leaves in half and slice salami in half then fold before adding to skewer.

4. Drizzle balsamic glaze once your skewers are positioned on the tray of choice

5. Serve at room temp and enjoy!

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